Marketing a playground equipment business

What initially seems pretty simple may end up being more of a headache. How to market a playground equipment company? It might sound a bit too simple, but the most successful strategy is word of mouth. If you don’t know a lot of parents of young kids, go to a park and hand out flyers. Call your brother or sister if they have children, even if the kids are not young anymore, the chances are that they know other parents. If there is one thing that parents talk to other parents about, it is child entertainment and child safety; two of the most important things that your product will provide.
Numerous social media pages deal with party rentals and venues. Contact either the admin or members of these pages; the contacts will be worth gold in the long run. Contact schools and churches, even if they already have an equipment leaser. Schools will always be looking for more quality for their money, especially with current funding being so poor, it might be a good idea to market yourself as a school playground equipment company. Churches are also always in the market for different vendors. The advantage to getting a church as a client is that there is a networking pool of contractors, roofers, carpenters, etc. These guys talk to each other and cross reference, different builders and hobbyists.

Email marketing would be kind of tough in this field. It is rather difficult to reel in clients on a large or even small scale through an email, but it is worth trying.

If you are looking to catch big fish in a big pond, SAM might be worth a shot. is your road to getting federal, state, and local government contracts. Does a state park sound like something that you could handle? If that sounds too grand, local waterparks or universities might be a better option. Registering for SAM is a bit tedious and make sure all your information is entirely accurate(it is the government, after all).