Internet Marketing Strategies For Carpet Cleaning Companies: What Works

If you own a carpet cleaning business, you need to include a digital marketing strategy to increase the number of customers you’ve been getting and to maintain the ones you’ve got. However, with digital marketing, your foundational choices will be determined by your ideal target prospect and when you want to attain them. Above all, you need to make up your mind on how to implement and measure your marketing so that you can know what is paying off to minimise your marketing spending and scale your successes. Here are three marketing strategies you should implement for your carpet cleaning business:

Find your local niche

Your carpet cleaning business should target a certain niche in your locality. As a prudent business owner, you understand your locality, and you know what they are lacking, and if you can fill the void and offer it to them, you stand a chance of starting a repeat business. Most business owners who start a repeat business find specific customers whom they can take care of better than anyone else. You just need to find a niche in your locality where you can capitalize on, have your own customers and to get much more by the quality of services you are offering.

Commercial property managers

Commercial property managers require carpet cleaning regularly, and since they need good services, they tend to look for carpet cleaner who are reputable, are well equipped to handle the carpets they’ve installed and also a carpet cleaner who can be able to service their particular needs. If you can be able to have a cleaning company which meets all these needs, numerous commercial property managers are looking for reliable carpet cleaners to hire. In fact, you may end up getting networked to other managers who are looking for similar services. However, you need to understand those experienced and skilled cleaners are well equipped to clean a multi-unit commercial property.

Flooring manufacturers

Many companies that have done carpet cleaning have successfully marketed their business to flooring manufacturers. We reached out to them to ask them how they did this. They gave us the following statement: “since flooring manufacturers tend to work with carpet cleaners under warranty, you can work with one. Track down local flooring manufacturers and propose a business deal where you will clean or repair the carpet instead of it being replaced. It is not only cheaper but also affordable to most homeowners. You just need to have good public relation skills to explain yourself to local representatives and get a business deal.”

In this era, the internet has taken over, and most businesses are not left behind because they want to market their services or products online. You can create a website, Facebook page or account, Google listing, Instagram account, Twitter, YouTube channel, etc. You need to be creative and very considerate to know where your target consumers are. You may have your potential customers on social media accounts while you are creating a website! You should know where you will get most customers to invest in. However, you are advised to be in as most online marketing strategies as possible because different consumers have different preferences and the more you are on these platforms, the higher are your chances of getting potential customers.

Several marketing technology tools can help you achieve your marketing targets. Some of these digital marketing technologies include:

Bitly Bitly mainly shortens a long URL to avoid taking up much space online. For instance, Twitter has limited characters and shortening the URL is an effective strategy to accommodate the whole URL. In addition to shortening URL, Bitly tracks your analytics to show you how many people have clicked on your link, from which social media, etc. This information helps you to understand which social media helps you market more and help you assess your marketing progress.

Viraltag Viraltag helps you use pictures and videos in your social media when marketing. In fact, you can use Viraltag to build ‘before and after’ visual campaign of your advertisement work. Also, you can use a dashboard experiment to show how visuals are delivered and the way these visuals affect your engagements of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Jobber work requests if you use Jobber, a client can be able to find a work request form on your client’s hub either on your website or any social media channel. They can then type their request and submit them for you to review them and convert these requests to quotes or jobs.

You can use any of these marketing strategies but before you decide on which strategy to use, ensure you use a measurable factor to evaluate whether the strategy works or not. You can track your clicks on social media, ask your clients how they heard or learned about you or even conduct a survey to know the most reliable marketing strategy for your carpet cleaning business. The strategy you will use will be determined by many factors among them your target customers, type of business, locality and services offered among others.