Home repairs on your roof: save your money, repair your own roof.

Home repairs can be a drag, and we all know that keeping up with a sound roof is at the top of the list for being one of the most urgent repairs you need to keep up with. The roof initially continues to keep you and your family warm and dry from the outside and keeps the things inside your home from being damaged by the weather. Whenever you realize you have any damage to your roof or water leaking from your roof in a particular spot, do not hesitate to call someone to come out and fix it at the time! If you ignore problems such as those two, then you could, in the end, have a bigger problem than you initially intended because you put off calling someone to come out and fix your roof when the issue was small. Roofs can be expensive to fix so when you have a smaller issue it is smart to take charge it nip it in the bud before anything escalates.

When your roof is 20 years old or aged older than that you will realize that your shingles may be damaged or fallen off when you see this happening this is the time you need to replace all of it! Most of the repairs your roof may need you should be able to do as long as the roof is sound and has a shallow area you feel safe to work on. Below we will walk you through the most common areas that you may see when repairing your roof: Replacing or repairing the shingles, regluing a shingle that is curved or bowed up and also replacing the shingles that may be cracked. When you are going to repair your roof always make sure you repair your roof on a warm afternoon when it is not raining or snowing because the shingles will not crack like they would on a snowy or rainy day. Also, do not climb on a roof that is iced over or wet with rain or dew.

Swapping the shingles on your roof- Slide the shingles into their places and make sure they are aligned correctly with the shingles on either side.

When part of a shingle is gone or missing, you have to replace the whole shingle. You want to check and see if you have extra shingles from the last time you worked on the roof. Hopefully, if you hired someone to do they left you some shingles behind for extra. If you don’t find any extra shingles, you can buy a bundle at a lumber or home place such as Lowes or Home Depot for roughly 15 or 20 dollars per square of 100 square feet. If you can’t find the correct match find what is closest to what you already have.

When you are replacing the shingles on your rough, you will need a pry bar which is flat, a hammer, probably a utility knife and roofing nails that are 11/4 in. Each shingle you install should have four nails and when the shingles that are next and installed above the nails will pass through the top edge of whatever shingles are in the area below.

Remove your top row of shingles by getting your crowbar and placing it under the shingle above the one that is damaged and gently lifts it up to lose it from the sealer glue. Now you will see the first nails in a row below this.Once you do that slide your crowbar under the shingle that is damaged or being replaced and pry upward toward the sky. Once you see the nail is about ¼ in out take the pry bar out and while you press down on the shingle exert your force and pull out the nail. Do this same process for the remaining nails you have to remove. You continue this with all the rows that you need to replace.Once all the nails are removed you can remove the damaged shingle pieces or pieces. If you notice the rest of the shingles are broken or weak, you could crack a shingle when trying to pry out the second row to get the nails out if this is the case just tear the damaged shingle out and cut V-shaped marks in the replacement to fit it around the nails accordingly. Once you do this slide the new shingle into the place, it needs to be and fasten and secure it with the nails.

Fix curled corners on your shingles.

While you easily and very carefully lift the shingle on the upper row make sure you secure the new shingle you placed down with the nails you are using.When shingles that are made of asphalt get older you will notice that their corners usually start to curl up or down if you do see this you can stop it early on by gluing the corner down that started to curl up.

Apply caulk as a sealant for the roof which is maybe 4 or 5 dollars for a 10 oz tube. Place a brick on top to weigh it down and make sure the brick stays in place for at least 24 hours as the sealant caulk dries. That’s the gist of it.

Repairing your cracked shingles.

Do you have a shingle that has cracks in it or has torn? Well, you don’t have to replace it with a new one right away you can easily repair it. Get a thick sealant and place under wherever the crack is located and promptly press the shingle down and place more of the sealant over the top of where the shingle is cracked. After this spread the sealant out all over with some flattened putty knife.

Buying a completely new roof and hiring roofers can be very expensive, and a huge chunk of change out of your pocket with these few hacks we have mentioned above you can keep your roof now for many more years if you just put in the work.