Branding & Marketing For Vancouver BC Carpet Cleaners: A How To

Creating a brand for your Vancouver carpet cleaning business to ensure success in your trade.

To ensure success in your carpet cleaning business, you have to brand your business as the carpet cleaning industry is a rapidly growing one. In this business, knowing how to clean the dirtiest floor tiles or getting the toughest stains on carpets is not enough.

Before we start, here’s a big thanks to Refresh Carpet Cleaning Vancouver for revealing some industry secrets. Look them up here:

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The definition of Branding

Most people mistake branding for creating a logo, but branding is the overall and total experience that clients will get with your business. The branding puzzle consists of every touch that any potential customer has with your company. How you answer your phone, websites, invoices, brochures, business cards and how you offer your services on site are all touch points or constituents of a business brand. To ensure the more successful and profitable business, your brand should be perfect.

Branding Tips that will ensure success in your business.

While building or coming up with a brand for your carpet cleaning business, a lot of energy, patience, commitment and time are required to ensure you build a great brand. Listed below, are five valuable and practical branding tips from Refresh Carpet Cleaning’s Twitter. If you want to check out more of their stuff, view the Twitter of Refresh Carpet Clean here.

Show utmost respect for your clients.

Most of the carpet cleaners in the carpet cleaning industry often forget to treat their clients with respect. When you treat your clients with respect, they will recall this kind gesture and tell others about the experience. Avoid smoking in their house, using vulgar language, unprofessional attitudes and talking down to clients as these are not the ways to build a great brand or business.

Turn up on time.

Schedule your projects for profit as people love and prefer carpet cleaning companies who turn up on time. Build a reputation of always being on time. Late arrival the surest way to get bad reviews and lose your clients. Ensure you do early and planning and in case of any mishaps that might tamper or affect your appointment time, ensure you can account for it.

Dress like a professional.

Despite the fact that cleaning floors and carpets is a dirty business, you should ensure that you look professional. Turning up at a client’s residence looking untidy and messy is definitely not the way to go. The more appealing and presentable you look the more your clients get assured about your services. It portrays seriousness and professionalism about your business.

Get the services of a designer for your marketing materials.

To most people, marketing materials seem like an expense but are really a huge investment for their business. Ensure all your marketing materials stand out with excellence. These marketing materials include sales rate cards, direct mail pieces, invoices, business cards, logo, brochures, and website. These materials are often the first interaction that a client has with your carpet cleaning company hence should give a good first impression to the client. You will get more clients out of good-looking marketing materials which can only be made by a professional designer. Always remember that the perception is everything in marketing.

Equip your clients with necessary knowledge

Educating your client on how your company is going to solve their problem when a client calls is an important tip which is often neglected. Do not just quote a price for your clients while on call, but tell them more about your services. Give professional advice to your clients while on-site and give them tips on how to take care of their floor or carpets.