21 Great Dental Marketing Ideas That Will Land You Over 147 Calls In Just One Month

It can be difficult to market your dental practice. This can especially be the case whenever the majority of your attention appears to be focused on different things. Marketing is something that can sometimes fall low on your list of overall priorities, even when taking part in tasks such as looking for new clients and catering to the needs of your existing ones.

Here are 21 useful marketing ideas and strategies that you can utilize for your dental business.

Greeting Cards

While you may have to pay a cost, you can generally obtain a list of new homeowners from many different sources. You can use these types of lists to send a greeting card to welcome potential new patients to the neighborhood.


Become Involved in the Community

A lot of times, patients will tend to feel more connected to a dentist that they come into contact with outside of their office. Consider sponsoring a local event in the form of purchasing advertising, establishing a booth, or just simply showing up.

Launch a Blog

This is a tool that can be extremely powerful when it comes to connecting with potential patients and providing them with important information.

Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Ensuring that your website contains plenty of SEO content will list it higher on search engines, thereby bringing more people to your page.

Offer Patients Exams and Cleanings That Are Free or Discounted

While it’s no secret that everyone enjoys a deal, it’s always important to research first before offering something like this. This is because you will not want to offer the same types of deals that every other dental practice in town is offering. The deals you offer should be interesting enough to grab the attention of potential patients.

Offer a 5% Pre-Pay Bookkeeping Discount

Patients are always attracted by different types of discounts. This specific one means that patients will be more than likely to keep an appointment that they’ve made if they pre-pay.

Be Active on Social Media

In today’s world, social media is extremely important, regardless of the particular platform you choose to use. They always offer all sorts of unique ways for dental practices to interact with customers, both existing and potential. Always ensure that the content you post is relevant and interesting.

Use Facebook for Retargeting

Facebook is the best place to remind individuals who have been to your dental practice that they may need to make an appointment. Additionally, you can also read reviews that have been left for your particular practice. 2,000 clicks on your website every month will enable you to retarget Facebook ads to drive ads that are cheap and targeted to your site.

Create More Cross-Referral Alliances

Creating these types of alliances with other practices and businesses in your area of residence is also a great way to bring in new patients. Always make sure that you work with other practices and businesses that you would feel comfortable sending your patients to.

Send Out a Monthly eNewsletter

You can fill this with various types of dental tips, information regarding new technologies, and so much more in order to keep your patients informed. These can also serve as great reminders that your patients need to make an appointment with you without making it seem as though you’re being pushy.

Manage and Grow Your Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are factors that are constantly becoming more important as new patients continue to search online for dental practices in their areas of residence. Consider kindly requesting that patients post reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google, and always respond to the reviews, regardless of how good or bad they are.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Many people always use mobile devices rather than a normal computer to search for a lot of services, such as dentists. Take the time to ensure that your website is properly optimized for these types of devices so that it will be easy enough to look for and obtain the information needed.

Establish a Referral Incentive Program

Consider letting your current patients know that if they refer their friends and other family members to your dental practice, they will be able to take advantage of a referral incentive program that includes discounts on items such as gift cards and future services at the practice.

Become an Expert

Your patients always want to know that they are in good hands whenever they come to your practice. Occasionally writing articles for either newspapers or magazines then featuring them on your own website and in your office will show your patients that you’re an expert in your chosen field. When posting the content on your website, ensure that it is all SEO friendly. Visit Dr. Kaltio’s official website to see how he’s become a dental SEO expert.

Identify and Go After Your Target Audience

We all know that it’s virtually impossible to reach everyone at every place; however, you do have the power to decide who should be your target audience, as well as finding new and unique ways to reach them.


Utilize Videos to Help Market Your Dental Practice

It’s no secret that videos are a lot more engaging than plain text. Consider posting a video on your website, possibly featuring a tour of your office, and speaking to potential patients as a way to bring them to your practice.

Come Up With a Consistent and Unique Logo and Tagline

Branding that is both consistent and attractive is perhaps one of the most important factors in being able to obtain new patients. This helps to create brand recognition among existing and potential patients, as well as a sense of awareness.

Make Sure You Have a Call to Action

This, as well as a phone number, should always be listed at the bottom of each page of your website, as well as every piece of marketing material.

Market Results Rather than Services

People are more inspired to call your dental practice by remembering that they want something such as a healthy mouth, beautiful smile, and white teeth. They never want to hear about getting a cleaning or having cavities filled. Keeping this type of marketing in mind will surely keep calls rolling in constantly.

Retargeting Searches

Services such as Google Adwords enable you to place ads on Google for specific search words. This is something that you can utilize for what’s known as search remarketing, which is a process that only shows search ads to individuals who have been to your website previously. Think about someone visiting your site, then leaving it to visit Google to search for additional competitors or performing more research, only to find a different ad displayed by you that says “You recently visited my website – you can get 20% off your next service if you call right now!”